• Ashley Wolfe
    Ashley Wolfe
    Wolfe Automotive Group, President
    (403) 781-1535
  • Neil McClelland
    Neil McClelland
    Wolfe Automotive Group, Chief Financial Officer
    (403) 781-1531
  • Marg Manovich
    Marg Manovich
    Wolfe Automotive Group, Controller
    (403) 781-1533
  • Aleksandra Banas
    Aleksandra Banas
    Wolfe Automotive Group, Marketing Director
    (780) 483-3320
  • Harrison Wolfe
    Harrison Wolfe
    General Manager of Wolfe Canmore
  • Gary Relling
    Gary Relling
    CEO of Westgate Chevrolet, General Manager of Wolfe Cadillac
    (587) 906-8581
  • Doug Airey
    Doug Airey
    General Manager of Western GMC
  • Joe Cuckow
    Joe Cuckow
    General Manager of GSL GM City
    (403) 781-1500

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