2020 was a year unlike any other. It continued to throw curveballs that made everyday tasks, like getting groceries, difficult. It made connecting with family and friends impossible and for many people mental health is now an everyday topic of conversation.  

2021 is a new year. It's an opportunity to reflect on the previous year while also focusing on yourself. In fact, January is Mental Health Awareness month. Now more than ever is a time to find ways to stay connected to both your community and your pack.

Under normal circumstances, there are a lot of demands for your attention. It can be incredibly hard to balance both taking care of your mental health and your physical health. The Wolfe Pack Warriors understand the importance of mental health and believe it has the same importance as physical health. 

We have partnered with Maria M Consulting to design a Wolfe Pack Warriors version of her Live Well. Be Well. calendar. This calendar is a tool to help you make self care a priority for you and your pack. Remember you MATTER.

There are 31 different activity ideas with no prescribed order other than the first day. Try to accomplish as many of these as possible to recharge and keep self care as a priority. Live Well. Be Well. 

For the month of January, Wolfe Pack Warriors will be posting daily self-care activities on Facebook and Instagram. We would love to see pictures and hear your stories of self care tag @wolfepackwarriors with #livewellbewell

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